Since 1988, AMCA scientists and researchers have been working on various specific impacts in the fields of (1) Marine Environment & Climate Change, (2) Coastal Resource Management (CRM), and (2.1) its roles on Tourism & Eco- Tourism and (2.2) Employment Generation. They are also doing research on various other related and relevant issues like: of (a) Environment, Ecology, and Pollution/Quality Degradation of marine, coastal and contiguous zones: (b) National and International law,

AMCA Annual General Meeting -2018

During the Annual General Meeting -2018, the attendees discussed and reviewed the progress made by AMCA in the previous year towards achieving its goals of marine conservation, coastal resource management, and research in the field of marine environment and climate change. The members also discussed the challenges and opportunities that the organization faced during the year and deliberated on strategies to address them in the future.

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Coast Of India

Coast of India – AMCA scientists, social scientists, members, and well-wishers time to time are engaged in carrying out research on various facets of Indian coasts- their living and non-living resources – based on which the coastal societies have been developed. Having failed to obtain any financial grant from any Union and State Governments, and/or any other national or international/intergovernmental funding agency(s) or sources. Dr. Anupam Ghosh started ‘Coast of India’ for the cause of India’s national interest having personally sponsored by him for ‘more than 20 years long project’.

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Coastal Research Management Course

Dr. Anupam Ghosh for the first time in the world, in 1988, conceptualized, designed, planned, and prepared the course materials and coordinated with University teachers and other resource persons an academic Post Graduate Course with all on-site practical training for students. At that time course was conducted under the banner of Calcutta Institute of Integral Management, Lake Town, Calcutta, West Bengal, India. At that time many organizations, including Indian Coast Guard, offered him support to successfully organize the same.

Sum of events

  • World Environment Day Celebration at Visakhapatnam-2009
  • Distinguished Speakers at the Annual General Meetings and Triennial International Meetings organized by the Asian Marine Conservation Association – AMCA 1
  • Actions Moments of AMCA during 2008-2009
  •  19th Annual General Meeting – 2008
  • Members, Guests, and Invitees in the Audience of the 20th AGM on 21 May, 2009

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We invite you to join the cohort of AMCA donors who are contributing to the acquisition of knowledge that is needed to inform our society on complex socio-scientific issues such as climate change, environmental management, ecosystem health, and risk prediction; and to the science education of the next generation who will likely face challenges even greater than these.