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Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)

From its earliest days to the present, the Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA) has attracted the support of individuals and organizations that have been instrumental in shaping the institute’s facilities and programs. Private philanthropy has enabled AMCA to expand its research both scientifically and geographically, promoting innovation and collaboration to advance the frontiers of knowledge about our global oceans. At the same time, private support has enabled AMCA to use its significant expertise to enhance the education of students from grade school to the college and postgraduate levels, including hundreds of Indian youths each year.

We invite you to join the cohort of AMCA donors who are contributing to the acquisition of knowledge that is needed to inform our society on complex socio-scientific issues such as climate change, environmental management, ecosystem health, and risk prediction; and to the science education of the next generation who will likely face challenges even greater than these.

We are grateful to all of you who have supported AMCA over the years, and we welcome those who may just be discovering the world-class work we do here in India and abroad. As you consider making a gift to AMCA, we encourage you to know more about our mission and keep apprised of our progress via our online newsletter currents.