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Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)

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Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)

AMCA (Asian Marine Conservation Association), an international Non-governmental Organization  founded by the main initiative of Dr. Anupam Ghosh in the year 1988, registered with the Govt of West Bengal, India, in 1989 as a ‘Not-for-Profit making’ Education & Research organization, under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961

Since 1988, AMCA scientists and researchers have been working on various specific impacts in the fields of (1) Marine Environment & Climate Change, (2) Coastal Resource Management (CRM), and (2.1) its roles on Tourism & Eco- Tourism and (2.2) Employment Generation. They are also doing research on various other related and relevant issues like: of (a) Environment, Ecology, and Pollution/Quality Degradation of marine, coastal and contiguous zones: (b) National and International law: (c) Societal Impacts of Environment and Development at national, international and global levels: and (d) National and International policy formulation and impact studies.

1st meeting toward shaping the reality of the dream of Dr. Anupam Ghosh by making an organization ‘Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)’ on 7th November 1988. This day is the actual FOUNDATION DAY of the Asian Marine Conservation Association. For AMCA registered, it took a further 9 months and was registered on 4th August 1989.  AMCA was the first of its kind in the Asian Region.


AMCA has received, from time to time, accreditations from various national, regional/ international, and global/inter-governmental organizations [such as (1) the British Government (1993); (2) United Nations Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development (UNDPCSD UN HQ, & UN-NGO Network, UN- HQ, USA. (1994); (3) World Tourism Organization (WTO), Spain (1995); etc] for their highly acclaimed research papers in fundamental science, applied science, and policy formulations that were supplied, peer-reviewed and documented, and presented in various national, regional/international and global conferences.

Mission of AMCA 

The main purpose of organizing the Asian Marine Conservation Association, popularly known as AMCA, is to educate the people of all nations inhabiting at the coastal zones and islands about the values of existing marine and coastal resources for their sustainability through (a) its protection from pollution and degradation of quality,(b) further development of such resources through the application of innovative science and management techniques ensuring to conserve, promote, and enhance the quality of marine and coastal resources at the lower atmosphere so as to reduce the negative impact of climate change and global warming to human society and its life support ecological systems.


AMCA has been registered with the government and has already been able to attract many potential scientists, social scientists, and decision-making personalities not only from the Asian region but from the world corners also.

It is dedicated to the cause of conservation and management of coastal and marine resources to cooperate in fulfillment of the objectives of the UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME (Ocean and Coastal Areas) and has been responsible to act as a noble organization for the international coordination and understanding through education, research, and management of the ocean resources on which our civilization will be surviving, depending and progressing.