AMCA Annual General Meeting

Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)

AMCA Annual General Meeting -2018

During the Annual General Meeting -2018, the attendees discussed and reviewed the progress made by AMCA in the previous year towards achieving its goals of marine conservation, coastal resource management, and research in the field of marine environment and climate change. The members also discussed the challenges and opportunities that the organization faced during the year and deliberated on strategies to address them in the future.
The key highlights of the meeting included the presentation of research papers on various topics related to marine conservation, coastal resource management, and climate change. The attendees also discussed the importance of raising awareness about the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems and the urgent need to take measures to protect them. The general meeting provided a platform for members to network, exchange ideas and experiences, and collaborate on future projects to promote marine conservation and sustainable development in the region.
Overall, the 2018 AMCA Annual General Meeting was a successful event that provided an opportunity for members to reflect on the progress made in the previous year and chart the course for the future of the organization.