Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA)
Coastal Research Management Course

Dr. Anupam Ghosh for the first time in the world, in 1988, conceptualized, designed, planned, and prepared the course materials and coordinated with University teachers and other resource persons an academic Post Graduate Course with all on-site practical training for students. At that time course was conducted under the banner of Calcutta Institute of Integral Management, Lake Town, Calcutta, West Bengal, India. At that time many organizations, including Indian Coast Guard, offered him support to successfully organize the same.

On the shore open-air classroom (1)

Dr. Ghosh also trains local intending M.Sc. students on the values of the coastal and offshore environment. This picture shows one of such on-shore free-of-cost lectures on coastal ecological diversity at the Bheemunipatnam coast of Andhra Pradesh.

Offshore Classroom

Dr. Anupam Ghosh often trains to intend local people and students on the values of coastal and offshore environments. This picture shows one of such offshore ‘free of cost lectures on chemical constituents of seawater that sustains coastal ecosystems. The speed boat was provided by the Yachting Association of Vizag.